5 Tips to Improve Communication in Your Small Business


Effective and proper communication is a major pet peeve of mine in business as well as your personal life.  I personally believe that many businesses fail or do not reach their level of effectiveness due to poor communication skills from the managers and leadership team. Do you want an effective small business?  Do you desire for your employees to truly understand your expectations?  Do you want others to like you?  If you answer yes to these simple questions, read on for some tips on how to … [Read more...]

Personal Liability of Corporate Officers


One of the hardest jobs around is a corporation officer. The upside to this is that it gives you the chance to use your brain to think strategically or even to be viewed as a visionary. However, with the good, there is always a bad. Corporate officers are handcuffed and escorted away by the police and charged with corruption on a weekly basis it seems. They are often the subject to government investigations, lawsuits by their shareholder and (potentially even more damning) negative public … [Read more...]

7 Low Budget Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business


Is your small business just not getting the customer volume that you believe it can handle, but you think marketing is too expensive for your budget: think again! While every business should invest in some kind of marketing, most small businesses have limited funds and put more important business expenses first. By getting creative, business owners can find ways to wring the most value out of their marketing efforts. Making every (marketing) dollar count Before employing any marketing … [Read more...]

What is a Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement and Why You Need One


When you start a new business, you’ll quickly discover there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything you need or even want to do. Since so much time, energy and effort goes into to getting a business started, any time spent on administrative or organization issues can be a waste of your (valuable) time. However, spending a small amount of time on the fundamentals can help you avoid stress, and one of the first fundamentals is to set up a shareholder buy-sell … [Read more...]

Are There Risks with an LLC?

Many business owners make the decision to form an LLC because it does limit a lot of risks for owners.  It exists as a separate entity from its owners and managers.  However, there are some risks that a business owner is not exempt from in certain circumstances. An LLC does not protect the owner or manager when there has been poor personal conduct, negligence or criminal acts. Think about it.  If it protected everyone against everything, then someone would feel they could have free reign … [Read more...]