Fintech: An Easier Financing Option for Small Businesses?

fintech small business financing

Secure funding for your business used to be a dramatic event. From making sure you dress to impress, to rehearsing what you’ll say at your face-to-face sit down with some financier, it was enough to make anyone stress out. But thanks to new financial industry technology, there are now other options for getting the business cash you need called ... More >

Two Small Business Financing Options and Which is Best

small business financing options

Do you feel like you’ve come to a place where a cash influx is necessary to run or grow your business? Every small business owner reaches this point sooner or later... Perhaps, you’re looking at a term loan or a line of credit and wondering which is your best option. Let’s take a closer look at both. Option #1: Business Term Loan A business ... More >

Top Accounting Software for Small Businesses

small business marketing software

One of the scariest and most daunting tasks of starting a small business can be setting up an accounting system. There’s invoicing, payroll and so many other business processes that have no room for error. You want an accounting solution that’s easy to use, affordable and that fits your business’s needs. With so many options to choose from, ... More >

Top Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2017

small business marketing tips

Some companies have entire departments dedicated to keeping up with rapidly changing marketing trends. Small businesses, however, don’t always have that luxury. This doesn’t mean that marketing should be pushed to the backburner in small businesses. In fact, some argue that it’s even more important for small businesses wanting to stand out ... More >

Where You Should (and Shouldn’t) Start a Small Business

2017 tax climate

If you’re looking to start a small business, it pays to know which states are and aren’t optimal to do business in. According to the Tax Foundation, a Washington, D.C. based tax research group, below are the 4 best and 4 worst states to do business in for 2017. The Good Wyoming Wyoming earns the top spot, in large part to the state ... More >

President Trump Proposes 20% Corporate Tax Reduction

Presidential corporate tax plan

One of President Trump’s campaign promises was to lower the corporate tax rate that businesses are required to pay each year. His proposal is to cut the corporate tax by 20% (from 35% to 15%) for businesses across the board—from large corporations to smaller pass-through entities (i.e. LLCs and S-Corporations). The President’s proposal has not ... More >