What to Do If Your Business Structure Isn’t Working For You


Change can be an inevitable part of life and this is no different for your business life as well. As you’re starting out as a business owner, you probably wanted to keep things as simple as possible; however, growing businesses need more work and structure in order to be profitable. As the old adage goes, realizing you have a problem is your first hurdle. Once you’ve come to this realization, making the necessary changes can be fairly painless and typically involve some legal steps. The … [Read more...]

A Guide to How to Market Your Small Business with Email


Savvy small business owners around the world have begun to discover the benefits that email marketing can bring to their businesses. The Direct Marketing Association states that for every $1 spent email marketing can return roughly $40. For as cheaply as email marketing can be accomplished, the ROI is among the highest in the field of marketing. Increased sales through email marketing One reason that your business can see financial growth through email marketing is that you’re sharing your … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Improve Communication in Your Small Business


Effective and proper communication is a major pet peeve of mine in business as well as your personal life.  I personally believe that many businesses fail or do not reach their level of effectiveness due to poor communication skills from the managers and leadership team. Do you want an effective small business?  Do you desire for your employees to truly understand your expectations?  Do you want others to like you?  If you answer yes to these simple questions, read on for some tips on how to … [Read more...]

Personal Liability of Corporate Officers


One of the hardest jobs around is a corporation officer. The upside to this is that it gives you the chance to use your brain to think strategically or even to be viewed as a visionary. However, with the good, there is always a bad. Corporate officers are handcuffed and escorted away by the police and charged with corruption on a weekly basis it seems. They are often the subject to government investigations, lawsuits by their shareholder and (potentially even more damning) negative public … [Read more...]

7 Low Budget Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business


Is your small business just not getting the customer volume that you believe it can handle, but you think marketing is too expensive for your budget: think again! While every business should invest in some kind of marketing, most small businesses have limited funds and put more important business expenses first. By getting creative, business owners can find ways to wring the most value out of their marketing efforts. Making every (marketing) dollar count Before employing any marketing … [Read more...]