How to Amend Your Company’s Articles of Incorporation


Discussing your business’s articles of incorporation sounds like something very prestigious and technical.  However, for once, these documents actually aren’t as difficult as they seem, but they do serve an important foundational role in your business.  Every now and then though, life throws a curveball and circumstances change, forcing you to readjust your plan.  You may even need to amend your articles of incorporation. Your business’s articles of incorporation explain why, and for what … [Read more...]

MaxFilings Small Business and Economy Roundup – January 2015


Starting this month, we’re trying out something new here at MaxFilings and Incorporation-e. Just a quick browse around the Internet about business and economic news yields literally thousands, if not millions of results.  It can be daunting to sift through all that information to find things that are useful or interesting to you. Below is a compilation of stories we spotted recently that we want to share with you. We’ve broken everything down in sections, and provide a quick rundown of … [Read more...]

Making Your Campaign Go Viral in 5 Steps


Having the foresight to design a campaign that will go viral and practically sell itself is every marketer’s dream. Sadly, this can be next to impossible because it is difficult to predict what will boom and what will fizzle (where’s my magic 8 ball when I need it?!?). Below are 5 tips that can help you give your next campaign its best shot at going viral. Visuals matter Our society is driven heavily by the visuals we see. If your campaign is visually appealing, there is a greater … [Read more...]

Keep your Public Company Name Relevant By Filing a “Doing-Business-As”


There are instances when you own a business that it can be beneficial to create a new name to conduct your business under. This is known as a “Doing Business As” or DBA name. Business owners are most likely to file a DBA when they start a business, or more specifically when they start a sole proprietorship or a partnership. Those who do not specifically file for a DBA will have a business name and personal name that match. Let’s clarify this. If you’re opening a pet store and don’t want it to … [Read more...]

Successful Entrepreneurs Aren’t Fearless, They Just Know How to Use Their Fear


Becoming an entrepreneur can be both frightening and freeing—and chances are you’ll experience both of these emotions over the course of beginning your business. If you want to grow your business into a success, you will need to learn to wade through your fear and the risks and move on from them. Granted businesses and owners are unique; there are 4 fears that are common amongst most. Fear of not having money This fear is probably the most common. Starting a business takes a lot of … [Read more...]