Get the Facts: Understanding What Goes Into a Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorships are one-person businesses that are not registered with the state as either corporations or a limited liability companies (LLC). In this way, sole proprietorships are easy to set up and maintain. So easy, in fact, that it’s possible to own one without knowing it. For example you have a sole proprietorship if: You’re a freelance photographer or writer A craftsperson who works on a contract basis A salesperson working on commission only An independent contractor … [Read more...]

Does Your Small Business Need An Advisory Board?


You may have heard the term advisory board but what exactly is it and is it something that your small business could benefit from? As you know, many large businesses have a group of influential people called the Board of Directors that make heavy decisions and have immense power.  An advisory board is a group of trusted individuals that you find to seek out advice.  They do not have any legal defined responsibilities, no power to make decisions without you, nor can they get rid of you as a … [Read more...]

A Unique Business Marketing Strategy: Precious Metals, Digital Currency and NASCAR


Every business has to tackle the question, “Where should I focus marketing efforts and dollars?” Traditional marketing platforms like newspaper, radio and television ads are adequate, but can they deliver a great return on your investment? Spreading the word about your brand is a never-ending challenge, especially in an over-saturated advertising landscape. It takes creativity and determination to launch a marketing campaign that hits a homerun. Your company marketing must be so spectacular, … [Read more...]

Tips to Keeping Small Business Start Up Costs Low


How exciting to be the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be!  Blood, sweat and tears are not the only things that go into getting your business off the ground.  Money, money and more money may seem to be a dominating issue.  While money is definitely a giant factor in the success of your business, you can control how much you spend by being smart and savvy. Below are tips to consider controlling these initial startup costs. Where to borrow your money- Do you necessarily have to get … [Read more...]

Why Running a Trademark Search Early is Critical


Typically, naming your business is usually your first step when incorporating. However, before you set your heart to a name, it is imperative that you ensure that nobody is already using the name. It’s much better to run a search early than to find out after you’ve opened up shop. Failing to check your potential business name could lead to fines, legal liability, the loss of an opportunity cost (from having to switch names), just to name a few. A trademark search can also be helpful even … [Read more...]