5 Inspiring Quotes from Successful Businessmen


Forming a small business can be a wild ride—fun and exciting at times, but bumpy and painful at other times too. In both the highs and lows of running a business, odds are that someone has encouraged and inspired you along the way. It could be someone you know who works hard every day of the week to keep their small business afloat in your hometown, or it could be someone as famous and successful as Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. In an effort to encourage and inspire you further in your business … [Read more...]

5 Essential Small Business Investments


Forming a small business can be full of a variety of different emotions. You are probably excited, yet nervous and even possibly scared. Enterprise creation is a risky endeavor; however, if you take the right steps from the start of the process, it will be a smoother journey overall. Below are examples of five important investments that are necessary before you start your business. There are many concepts and ideas to consider as a business manager, but these handful are vital. These … [Read more...]

SEO and Your Small Business in Today’s Digital Age

magnifyinf glass revealing the word SEO

You may remember the days when phonebooks and flyers were the best ways to increase your business’s public visibility. Now though, in the digital age, we have search engines and websites. In fact, there are over 40,000 Google search queries every second. That’s about 3.5 billion searches a day! Search engines are now the first place many consumers go to seek out information. This is extremely important to your small business because according to a survey by Yelp, 85% of people use the … [Read more...]

5 Tips on Retaining Your Small Business Employees

satisfied employee in gray suit

Finding and keeping valuable employees in your small business is vital.  Not only does it affect your bottom line, but repetitive turnover can be devastating to your remaining employees’ morale and productivity. Competing with larger businesses to retain the top talent can be tough, but being creative on your end as a small business owner can be very beneficial. According to ZaneBenefits.com: “Some studies (such as SHMR) predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it … [Read more...]

Leaders Are Readers: 5 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

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Chances are you know of a successful person who inspired you in your personal and professional life.  Maybe it was someone as well known as Steve Jobs, or perhaps your aunt who ran a successful small town business down the street. Whoever they are, these people did something right. It’s important as a business owner to always be learning and developing yourself, your employees, and your business so that you can be the best that you can be.  Whether your business is big or small, here are 5 … [Read more...]