Achieving Maximum Productivity for Small Business Owners

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When you’re starting a small business, how efficient you are is often vital to the success of your fledgling company. It’s not an easy task to achieve maximum productivity in every aspect of your business, but if you can pinpoint a few essential areas to focus on, it can give you the jumpstart you need for your business to thrive. Here are some ... More >

4 Tips on Naming a Business

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When you name your child, most people put extensive thought into the perfect name for their bundle of joy! Even though you have undoubtedly heard some strange names that left you wondering what were their parents thinking, most children’s names are well thought out. Well, the same effort that goes into naming your first born should also be put ... More >

Choosing the Business Entity That’s Right for You

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From C and S corporations to sole proprietorship and LLC, the choice options for your business’s entity may seem endless, and there are certainly many factors to consider before making this important decision. Thus, we’d like to share a few specific aspects of your business to consider before you decide on an official entity. The most common ... More >

Entrapment Binders Convey Professionalism

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When racking your brain for ways to better your business, purchasing high quality, professional binders probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, investing in these seemingly simple office supplies can pay off in the long run by making your business appear more professional and established. In order to put your small ... More >

Small Biz and Economy Roundup – January 2016


Are you considering taking the plunge in 2016 and starting the small business you’ve been dreaming of for years? Perhaps you have been a business owner for quite some time but feel you need to tweak some areas in your management style. Whatever your situation is, MaxFilings is here to keep you informed on the latest economic issues, entrepreneurial ... More >

Small Biz & Economy Roundup – December 2015

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We at MaxFilings genuinely hope your small business has experienced a fruitful 2015!  There are so many factors that can affect each and every business venture, including the economy, how you manage and market your business, as well as the hiring decisions you make.  Some factors are under your control while others are not. Here are some ... More >