Does Your State Have an LLC Newspaper Publication Requirement?

incorporation newspaper publication requirements

Each day, there are thousands of American entrepreneurs that decide to go through the process of incorporating their business by forming an LLC or corporation. And from state to state, most business owners have to jump through the same hoops in order to accomplish this. But for three states in the U.S., there’s yet one more hurdle to clear in ... More >

10 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

small business tax deductions

You’ve heard the expression “leaving money on the table,” right? It means you’re not getting as much money as you could. And it’s unfortunately what a lot of small businesses do when they don’t get all of the tax breaks that they’re eligible for. This is money that can be put right back into your business to help it grow and prosper. Below ... More >

Why Should I Incorporate My Small Business?

benefits of business incorporation

“My business is doing fine without incorporating.” “I don’t see the need to spend the money and go through all that paperwork.” These are common responses from some small business owners who are questioned about why they haven’t incorporated their business yet. But knowing when or why incorporating a small business is beneficial can ... More >