Are There Risks with an LLC?

Many business owners make the decision to form an LLC because it does limit a lot of risks for owners.  It exists as a separate entity from its owners and managers.  However, there are some risks that a business owner is not exempt from in certain circumstances. An LLC does not protect the owner or manager when there has been poor personal conduct, negligence or criminal acts. Think about it.  If it protected everyone against everything, then someone would feel they could have free reign … [Read more...]

Managing Stress While Starting Up a Business


You have decided to fill your entrepreneurial dreams of starting up your very own business.  Congratulations!  It is an exciting adventure but obviously one that is full of risks.  70 percent of all start up businesses fails within the first seven years.  However, 30 percent don’t!  You are probably aware of all the risks and this can create a high level of stress. Managing this stress is key while getting your business off the ground! Building a stress plan is almost as important as your … [Read more...]

9 Email Marketing Tips for Successful Email Campaigns


Everybody uses email. It is believed that email has three times the user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined. In terms of numbers, email reaches 2.9 billion people around the world. The following 9 tips can help you transform your email campaign into one that is beneficial to your organization. 1.      Be mindful of your audience You need to have a good contact (or client) database in place that is properly segmented. This is because no email will be relevant to each of your contacts. … [Read more...]

Federal Taxes Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About


There are several types of federal taxes that small business owners need to know about when developing a business plan. The taxes that your small business will need will depend upon your business’s structure (i.e. C corporation, S corporation, LLC, etc.) and other factors. Income Taxes The most common type of taxes businesses (and everyone else) need to know about are income taxes. For businesses, federal income taxes are pay-as-you-go—i.e. you pay them as you receive income throughout the … [Read more...]

Accounting Basics for the Small Business Owner


If you are a recent owner of a small business, congratulations to you on taking the plunge!  As you probably know, you wear many hats as a business owner and sometimes not all those hats are what you enjoy. However, all of them are important! Proper accounting procedures is one that remains at the top of the list as extremely necessary to the success of your business. Whether or not math is your strong point, you can keep the accounting side of your business extremely accurate by … [Read more...]