Plan for the Unexpected – Prepare your Small Business for the Unthinkable

It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but what would your employees do in the event of a disaster? Are mechanisms in place to keep things going even if you’re gone? No matter your age, continue reading for important tips from small business blogger Denise O’Berry. First off, when you consult with an attorney and accountant before incorporating online, make sure your affairs are in order should something happen to you…don’t forget about your will! Next, have a small business operations … [Read more...]

Learn your Odds of Success and How to Improve Them

In an effort to help entrepreneurs accurately assess the risk associated with incorporating a business, an Odds of Success Calculator has been introduced by business advice and networking website The device uses eight factors to determine entrepreneurs’ chances of success: amount of capital investment, difficulty in obtaining funds, quality of financial management, degree of business planning, annual industry growth rate, management experience, industry experience and … [Read more...]

Small Businesses Can Save a Estimated $855 Million with Healthcare Reform

Over the next 10 years, healthcare reform could save America’s small businesses $855 million according to a report released by the nonpartisan Small Business Majority and featured in this Daily Dose blog post. Healthcare reform is a hot topic in Washington right now. Increasing costs have forced entrepreneurs and small businesses to make tough choices about whether to cover their employees or not. The study, entitled The Economic Impact of Healthcare Reform on Small Businesses, noted that … [Read more...]

Micro-Lending Helps Low Income Entrepreneurs Get Started

Have an idea for a business but unable to secure the needed financing? The threshold for borrowing from banks has gotten tighter in recent months. And, it’s best to avoid high-interest options like credit cards and predatory lending. Micro-lending is an option available to moderate and low income entrepreneurs. Funds from micro-loans can be used for a wide range of startup and operating costs like purchasing equipment, marketing, licensing fees and insurance to name a few. Micro-loans through … [Read more...]

Four Types of Federal Taxes Small Businesses Should Know About – And Where to Find Information from the IRS

Looking for some simple explanation of federal small business taxes? Click over to the online incorporation knowledge center at for an overview of the next most certain thing in life next to death. Federal taxes a small business may be subject to depend a lot on its structure (i.e. C corporation, S corporation, LLC, etc.) along with many other factors. Four different types of taxes a small business could be exposed to include Income taxes – required for all individuals and … [Read more...]