4 Different Methods of Federal Taxation for an LLC

When you choose to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company), not only are you releasing yourself from personal liability, you are also choosing the greatest flexibility when it comes to taxation.  You can elect to be taxed as a partnership, a C or S corporation or a sole proprietorship as long as your LLC is “single-member”.  The following are a ... More >

6 Important Considerations before Opening a Restaurant

Have you always had a dream of opening up a quaint restaurant in town that everyone in the community loves and deems as their favorite? It is a lofty goal that needs to be thought out properly and thoroughly. Unfortunately, restaurants have a higher failure rate than any other start up business. However, with proper planning, failure generally can ... More >

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Your Own Registered Agent

Although a registered agent may seem like just another procedural hula-hoop you have to jump through to legally operate a small business, the role they play in your business is actually a very important one. Registered agents are persons who are enlisted with the Secretary of State to receive and forward important communications on your ... More >

How to Correctly Close Your Business

How to close a business

All good things must come to end, and no matter the reason for closing your business, there are important actions you must take to make dissolution official. You don’t want to be liable for taxes and unnecessary fees when you close your doors. Notify the State of Dissolution Many business owners assume when they close their doors they are no ... More >

How to Easily File a DBA for Your Business

Easily file a DBA for your business

Naming a business sounds simple. But coming up with a great, unique name customers will like and remember that no one else uses or has a claim to is very difficult, and it gets even harder if you’ll be doing business over a large area or, as most businesses do nowadays, do business online. The more coverage you have, the more likely you are to ... More >

Will You Make These 4 Common Incorporation Mistakes for Small Businesses?


It’s a new year, which means it’s time to leave the triumphs and troubles of last year behind, and instead focus on accomplishing a new set of goals in the next 12 months. But while dwelling too much on the past is unproductive in businesses (and in life), there are important things we can learn from previous experiences. For instance, business ... More >