Does Your State Have an LLC Newspaper Publication Requirement?

incorporation newspaper publication requirements
Each day, there are thousands of American entrepreneurs that decide to go through the process of incorporating their business by forming an LLC or corporation.

And from state to state, most business owners have to jump through the same hoops in order to accomplish this.

But for three states in the U.S., there’s yet one more hurdle to clear in order to properly complete the LLC formation: a newspaper publication requirement.

And those states are Arizona, Nebraska and New York.

Arizona Requirements

If you are forming an LLC in Arizona, you’re required to publish a notice of this in a newspaper for three consecutive runs (one day per week for three weeks in a row).

So here’s how it works:

After your LLC is officially formed, the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC) will send you a Notice of Publication, which you will then need to fill out and send to a newspaper located in the same county as your LLC.

Once your ad has run, the newspaper then mails you an Affidavit of Publication. Process complete.

But wait!

To be on the safe side, it’s best to file this with the AZCC, which you can do for free.

Nebraska Requirements

The state of Nebraska requires those who form an LLC to publish a “Notice of Organization,” or advertisement, in a newspaper near your LLC’s designated office address.

Nebraska requires this ad to run for three consecutive weeks. Once the run is complete, the newspaper mails you an Affidavit of Publication. Keep a copy for your records and mail a copy to the Nebraska Secretary of State.

New York Requirements

Well, New Yorkers, we wish we could say that your requirements are similar to Arizona’s and Nebraska’s, but it is not the case. The New York publication requirements for LLC formation are a a bit more involved.

New York requires that you publish a notice of your formation in two newspapers, which must be approved by the County Clerk located in the same county as your LLC. One must have a daily circulation and the other must have a weekly circulation. And both notices have to run for six consecutive weeks.

Once they’ve run, the newspapers will mail you an Affidavit of Publication. You will then need to mail these Affidavits, along with a $50 filing fee and a Certificate of Publication, to the Department of State.

Remembering all the state and federal requirements for forming an LLC is difficult. At MaxFilings, we make it at easy as 1-2-3! Browse our website or contact us today if you require assistance.

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