Top Accounting Software for Small Businesses

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One of the scariest and most daunting tasks of starting a small business can be setting up an accounting system. There’s invoicing, payroll and so many other business processes that have no room for error. You want an accounting solution that’s easy to use, affordable and that fits your business’s needs. With so many options to choose from, ... More >

3 Hiring Problems Your Small Business May Face

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Hiring new employees can be a daunting task and extremely difficult for small businesses. Not only do small business entrepreneurs often need more help recruiting employees, but the entire hiring process can take much longer than a big corporation. Two reasons for this extended recruitment time are a greater rate of employee turnover and the ... More >

Is it Time to Hire an HR Professional for Your Small Business?

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Today, being a small business owner means more than simply being an entrepreneur. Often, you’ll be expected to “wear different hats” to ensure all of the jobs required for a business are completed. However, knowing when to bring in professionals is crucial for a profitable, successful business. One such useful hire is a human resources (HR) ... More >

Low-Cost Wellness Programs for Small Businesses

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Does your small business offer employees paid time off when they’re sick? If you don’t, you may soon be required to do so. There has recently been a push to require employers to provide a few days each year for sick leave. Starting in January, paid sick leave is required of federal contractors. Additionally, five states and another 29 cities ... More >

3 Ways to Boost Your Small Business’s Productivity

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Making business more productive is typically at the top of most business owners’ priority lists. To achieve this, owners can embrace advancements in technology and employ new processes and tools. Here are three simple ways to achieve better productivity in your small business venture: 1. Always be reachable. Successful businesses have ... More >

The Hiring Benefits of Small Businesses

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Hiring new employees can be a hassle—especially for small businesses. A study from ADP discovered that roughly 40 percent of small business owners feel that it’s more difficult to hire employees and 32 percent feel the process takes longer than they thought it would. Regardless of how difficult owners feel that hiring can be, small businesses ... More >