2017 Health Care Changes that Will Affect Small Businesses

Insurance concept with toy businessmen: Max Filings After Incorporation Blog

Let’s face it, health insurance can be a real headache—especially when it comes to deciding on a plan that will not only be affordable but provide you (and your family or employees) with adequate coverage. When deciding on an insurance plan, small business owners are faced with what feels like a mountain of complicated documents. If you are a ... More >

The Essential Insurance Guide for Your Small Business

If there’s one thing about the business world most people can agree on, it’s that purchasing business insurance is a must. The thing is, all businesses and their setups, clientele, and needs are different. This can make it difficult to decide which types of insurance your small business will need to keep itself safe. There’s no correct answer to ... More >

How to Search Trademarks for Your Business

So, you’ve come up with a clever name or slogan for your business and you want to register your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but now what? In our last blog post, we touched on the importance of protecting your trademark through registration. But before committing to the costly and time-consuming process of ... More >

Protect Your Trademark

Does your business have a unique slogan? Did you create a special logo for your front sign? How do you protect these special trademarks from being used by another business? A trademark is a name, design or slogan that distinguishes your business from your competitors. Success often breeds imitation, and it’s important to protect the unique brand ... More >

How to Amend Your Company’s Articles of Incorporation

Discussing your business’s articles of incorporation sounds like something very prestigious and technical.  However, for once, these documents actually aren’t as difficult as they seem, but they do serve an important foundational role in your business.  Every now and then though, life throws a curveball and circumstances change, forcing you to ... More >