Paycheck to Paycheck: Paying Yourself as a Small Business LLC Owner

how to pay LLC owner

Believe it or not, one of the most asked questions of a new LLC owner or officer is: How do I pay myself? And that’s a great question. It’s not as easy as just taking what you need when you need it. Once you’ve formed your LLC, there are formalities in place that govern just how it’s done. You have three options: Pay Yourself Like an ... More >

Walking the Fine Line Between C Corporations vs. S Corporations:
Federal Taxation

Corporation Word Represents Business

C corporations and S corporations are similar. However, there are subtle differences in what restrictions exist for each kind of corporation. A “plain corporation,” a business that has been chartered by a state and require no changes after incorporation, is a C corporation. C corps will stay this way as long as these conditions are continued. If ... More >

Rebranding LLC/Corporations, Pt. 2: So you want to change your business’s name?

Hand holding blank business card: MaxFilings Corporations & LLCs Blog

Hopefully, you joined us for Part One of this series discussing how to change the name of your LLC/corporation. In that post, we discussed changing your business’s name entirely. Now, in part two, we’ll discuss the second option: maintaining the original name while operating under a new one. Using the Original Name with the State while Filing a ... More >

Rebranding LLC/Corporations, Pt. 1: So you want to change your business’s name?

Young businessman brainstorming at laptop: MaxFilings Corporations & LLCs Blog

The name you give your business is important; it becomes the company’s identity. But what happens if the original name of your business no longer conveys your current brand identity? Is it too difficult to change your business’s name without starting your brand from scratch? Changing the name of your business involves more than simply making an ... More >

What is an LLC Resolution?

You may have just recently formed an LLC or are possibly considering this option for your business.  As you are aware, there are often times important decisions within your organization that must be made.  Important decisions regarding the operation and management of your LLC are made via votes cast by members which are also known as the business ... More >

Should Your Small Business be an LLC?

If you are interested in starting up a small business, you may want to consider applying for a Limited Liability Company status. Forming an LLC can provide a multitude of benefits to its owners, otherwise known as members, such as legal protection, ease of operational procedures and flexible profit distribution. The U.S. Small Business ... More >