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MaxFilings college scholarship essay contest award

While the 60th annual 2018 Grammy Awards aired on TV to recognize the best recordings, compositions and artists of the year, we at MaxFilings were busy reviewing the wonderful entries we received for our first-ever $1,000 scholarship essay contest. We received so many great essay responses that it was challenging to choose one winner.

Back in June 2017, we asked college students to answer the following question:

“After college, do you plan to work for yourself or someone else? Why?”

Sixty-three percent of students plan to work for someone else upon graduation, whereas 32% hope to start their own business. Five percent of respondents said both. Over 20% of applicants mentioned that student loan debt played a part in their decision making.

We’re proud announce that Amanda Stransky is the winner of our first $1,000 scholarship essay contest! Amanda is a first year graduate student at Point Loma Nazarene University. She is studying to get her Masters in Clinical Counseling.

Read her entry below:

After college, do you plan to work for yourself or someone else? Why?

After completing a Masters in Clinical Counseling, I plan to work for myself as a therapist. By developing my own practice, I will not only be able to do something both effective and enjoyable, but also improve the quality of life for my family. Receipt of this scholarship would go a long way towards helping me reach the goal of hanging my shingle out and getting my business started.

The calling to a healthcare profession is one that promises great personal rewards. I can envision how difficult sessions with struggling clients will help transform the mental health of my community, one person at a time. I would like to see the ripple effect of how helping one person can heal their relationships with others. As the leader of my private practice, I would be able to give back to my community in other ways, such as providing teaching, making speaking engagements, participating in volunteer work, and offering services at a reduced cost for those that could not otherwise afford care. Completing advanced schooling will equip me with the tools required to be an effective therapist and better able to provide support to those that are in need.

Changing careers in order to help people has been a challenge as a single mother since it involves going back to school and making sacrifices now that will eventually benefit my family. As I have progressed through the first few classes, a passion and love for the psychotherapy profession has bloomed. It is wonderful to be taught by skilled professors and to see how the developmental theories have unfolded over the years. This career path, I am certain, is the one that I am destined and have a calling for. I’m grateful for the opportunity to show my children how hard work and faith can mature into something far more enjoyable than just going to work to earn a paycheck. While I might end up making less money than I do now, the emotional payoff will be exponentially positive.

My current ten-year career has met the needs of paying the bills, however, it has been to the detriment of both my health and the happiness of my children. Long hours of overtime for me directly relate to long hours of childcare for them; poor quality sleep and drive-through food do not set us up to be our best in this life. Children need their parents to be present with them, which I will be able to do with less complications when I work for myself. It is important for them to see me as an involved and loving mother, which I struggle to display in my current position. The time demands of my job far exceed that which is beneficial to raising happy, healthy children. As an entrepreneur, I anticipate an ability to better control my schedule and balance my work-load so that I am available for them; no more missed Christmas concerts or school field trips, and lots more time at the park riding bicycles.

The scholarship you are offering is very generous. Were I to receive this money, it would help greatly in the paying of tuition and books. As an adult learner, the prospect of additional student loans is a daunting one. I sincerely appreciate your consideration in the distribution of your scholarship.

Congrats Amanda! And thanks to the other applicants for your insightful answers.

Are You the Next MaxFilings Scholarship Winner?

Do you want to win a $1,000 scholarship? Our next scholarship essay contest is open for submissions. The deadline to answer the following question is August 31, 2018:

“Should all small businesses have websites? Why?”

Please answer in 500-750 words. Only one entry may be submitted per student. Entered essays will be judged within two weeks, and a winner will be selected. The winning entry will also be published on the MaxFilings blog.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must be a U.S. resident or resident alien and be registered at a U.S. college or university. Essays must be written by the scholarship applicant and be original to the contest. Essays may not have been written for a prior assignment.

Interested applicants may find more information on our scholarship contest page.

If you have additional questions about the contest, essay requirements or the selection process, feel free to contact us.

Ready, set, write!

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