Tax Foundation Ranks Top Business-Friendly Tax States

US dollars in shape of New Jersey: MaxFilings Business Taxes Blog

The Tax Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on the education of taxpayers, policymakers and the media about issues relating to taxes. For several years, they have ranked each state in the U.S. based on business tax climate. This year’s list shows that states in the west, including Wyoming, are the most tax-friendly, and those in the ... More >

Low-Cost Wellness Programs for Small Businesses

Wellbeing compass concept: MaxFilings Business Management Blog

Does your small business offer employees paid time off when they’re sick? If you don’t, you may soon be required to do so. There has recently been a push to require employers to provide a few days each year for sick leave. Starting in January, paid sick leave is required of federal contractors. Additionally, five states and another 29 cities ... More >

3 Ways to Boost Your Small Business’s Productivity

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Making business more productive is typically at the top of most business owners’ priority lists. To achieve this, owners can embrace advancements in technology and employ new processes and tools. Here are three simple ways to achieve better productivity in your small business venture: 1. Always be reachable. Successful businesses have ... More >

How Your Small Business Can Beat the Holiday Rush

beating the holiday business rush

If you’re in the retail industry, you’ve probably been ready for the Christmas season since Halloween. In today’s retail environment, businesses (especially small businesses) who fail to do so can be quickly left behind. It’s suggested that around 40 percent of shoppers start shopping for the holidays before they’ve even Trick-or-Treated. In ... More >

4 Networking Tips That Can Do Wonders for Your Small Business

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Networking with others in your industry can be vital to the success of not only your business, but also the customer base you attract. Moreover, you need access to contacts – whether from referrals for potential customers, like-minded professionals, or both. To keep your business contacts rolling in, check out these four networking tips: Tip ... More >

What Can Facebook Do for Your Small Business?

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Small business owners are more frequently embracing the benefits that social media can bring to their companies. In fact, over 50 million businesses have pages for their customers on Facebook. These business pages not only provide vital information (hours, address, links, etc.) about the business, but they also include other features (such as ... More >