The Hiring Benefits of Small Businesses

Interview between businessman and new employee: MaxFilings Business Management Blog

Hiring new employees can be a hassle—especially for small businesses. A study from ADP discovered that roughly 40 percent of small business owners feel that it’s more difficult to hire employees and 32 percent feel the process takes longer than they thought it would. Regardless of how difficult owners feel that hiring can be, small businesses ... More >

4 Reasons Social Media Works for Small Businesses

Social media concept—businessperson outstretched hands: Max Filings Small Business Marketing Blog

It’s a proven fact that social media helps small businesses grow and prosper. In fact, for most small businesses, social media has become an essential component of their marketing scheme. Once you’ve dialed into the benefits for your business, you can sit back and watch social media work for you. The Importance of Social Media Here are 4 ways ... More >

2017 Health Care Changes that Will Affect Small Businesses

Insurance concept with toy businessmen: Max Filings After Incorporation Blog

Let’s face it, health insurance can be a real headache—especially when it comes to deciding on a plan that will not only be affordable but provide you (and your family or employees) with adequate coverage. When deciding on an insurance plan, small business owners are faced with what feels like a mountain of complicated documents. If you are a ... More >

Rebranding LLC/Corporations, Pt. 2: So you want to change your business’s name?

Hand holding blank business card: MaxFilings Corporations & LLCs Blog

Hopefully, you joined us for Part One of this series discussing how to change the name of your LLC/corporation. In that post, we discussed changing your business’s name entirely. Now, in part two, we’ll discuss the second option: maintaining the original name while operating under a new one. Using the Original Name with the State while Filing a ... More >

Rebranding LLC/Corporations, Pt. 1: So you want to change your business’s name?

Young businessman brainstorming at laptop: MaxFilings Corporations & LLCs Blog

The name you give your business is important; it becomes the company’s identity. But what happens if the original name of your business no longer conveys your current brand identity? Is it too difficult to change your business’s name without starting your brand from scratch? Changing the name of your business involves more than simply making an ... More >

Take a Sick Day! CDC Encourages Sick Employees to Stay Home

Man at desk blowing nose in tissue: MaxFilings Business Management Blog

When you’re sick, especially with a virus like the flu, it’s hard to do much of anything. This includes performing well on the job. At the same time, businesses need their employees to work in order to run efficiently. Recently, however, there has been some discussion about whether employers encouraging employees to take sick days could be more ... More >