3 Hiring Problems Your Small Business May Face

small business recruitment

Hiring new employees can be a daunting task and extremely difficult for small businesses. Not only do small business entrepreneurs often need more help recruiting employees, but the entire hiring process can take much longer than a big corporation. Two reasons for this extended recruitment time are a greater rate of employee turnover and the ... More >

Walking the Fine Line Between C Corporations vs. S Corporations:
Federal Taxation

Corporation Word Represents Business

C corporations and S corporations are similar. However, there are subtle differences in what restrictions exist for each kind of corporation. A “plain corporation,” a business that has been chartered by a state and require no changes after incorporation, is a C corporation. C corps will stay this way as long as these conditions are continued. If ... More >

Republican Business Tax Overhaul on the Horizon

proposed tax overhaul

As the new Republican-controlled U.S. Congress gets up and running, Republican Senators and Representatives are gearing up to overhaul the current American tax system. This overhaul has the potential to reach every citizen at every level of income and/or business size. According to Republican leaders, the goal of this overhaul would be to ... More >

22 States Increase Minimum Wages

small business minimum wage increase

As of January 1, 2017, new minimum wage laws have gone into effect that will increase the minimum amount paid to employees across 22 states, including the District of Columbia and numerous cities around the country. These laws are effective for companies who staff people in more than one city or state. Raising minimum wages have been a political ... More >