Nevada incorporation benefits for out-of-staters

While the legal framework in Nevada is favorable to companies, one of its most appealing aspects is that a business entity doesn't have to be physically present to enjoy the benefits of incorporation here and many are doing so. Estimated to account for 80 percent of the 71,036 new business entities incorporated here last year, out-of-state ... More >

Online Incorporation Information Now on Squidoo!

Last week I started an online incorporation lens for MaxFilings on Squidoo (a very informative, addictive social media/marketing site). Many of the businesses that work with MaxFilings to form a corporation or LLC online are looking to take full advantage of all that online media has to offer when it comes to reaching out to their target ... More >

Own Your Own Corporation

Own Your Own Corporation - Why the Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works for Them by Robert T. Kiyosaki (Foreword), Garrett Sutton Summary from Audiofile     Creating the right type of corporate entity for a business can create enormous advantages for the savvy business-person. In this comprehensive guide, a ... More >

Should you remain a sole proprietor or incorporate?

The decision to incorporate or maintain your sole proprietorship is one that should not be made lightly. There are a number of advantages to both. And, the advantages really depend on what your unique business and personal needs are. There are four important things you should consider in your decision to incorporate or not: Liability. As a ... More >

Sole Proprietorships

A business that has only one owner is termed "sole proprietorship". The business owner is called a "sole proprietor". A sole proprietorship is the most simple type of business entity. The requirements for forming a sole proprietorship are less. This usually involves getting a business license, permit, and complying with other state or local ... More >