How strong is your corporate veil?

Deciding to incorporate was one of the most important business decisions youve had to make. You most likely chose the incorporation type that offered you the greatest limited liability protection and other advantages. But, did you know that courts can take away limited liability protection if it is determined you have not been operating your ... More >

How To Find Joint Venture Partners

by Habiba Abubakar Profit Diva So how do you go about finding joint venture partners? The first question you should ask yourself is this: "Who already has influence and credibility with my target market?" In answering this question, the best place to start is with "warm" contacts. Warm contacts are your existing network of friends, mentors, ... More >

Incorporate in Florida: The Basics

Florida Division of Corporations serves as the central agency for registering and incorporating your choice of business entities. You can incorporate with the Divisions yourself or or shop various online business incorporation services. The filing fees for these services vary. Form an LLC - So do your comparison shopping to find the best prices. ... More >

Lower Your Taxes by Filing Wisely!!

By ALEX PHILIPPIDIS Eleven years after New York state first extended to startup business owners the liability protections of corporations, entrepreneurs are increasingly taking advantage of them, judging by five years worth of new-business filings. The number of doing-business-as filings dipped 20 percent between 2000 and 2004, when 3,931 ... More >

Nevada incorporation benefits for out-of-staters

While the legal framework in Nevada is favorable to companies, one of its most appealing aspects is that a business entity doesn't have to be physically present to enjoy the benefits of incorporation here and many are doing so. Estimated to account for 80 percent of the 71,036 new business entities incorporated here last year, out-of-state ... More >