Types of Incorporations

Corporation A corporation is a separate legal entity that exists independently from its owners. A corporation is created and comes into existence when articles of incorporation (charter or certificate of incorporation in certain states) are filed with the proscribed fees, and accepted by the proper state authority S Corporation An S ... More >

What You Can Learn about Customer Service From The Movie Business

by Kim Duke Maybe everything you need to know you can learn from the movies. A friend of mine is a screenwriter in Los Angeles. Over a glass of wine, we were discussing his business and the nature of the beast in Hollywood. He's a boy from Canada who gave up his much-loved Honda, his life savings, and his broadcasting career to move to Los ... More >

What You Should Know about Corporate Name Change

Are you considering changing the name of your business? Be sure to the check the corporate name change rules and regulations in your state. In many states, a corporate name change requires the submission of new/revised articles of incorporation, a copy of meeting minutes and the board vote and additional fees. Additionally, you may be required ... More >

Which State Should You Incorporate In?

A business owner IS NOT required to incorporate in the state where the company resides. Selecting the proper state to incorporate is one of the important decisions a business owner makes. Business can choose to incorporate or form an LLC in any of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. There are benefits to incorporating your business in ... More >

Your Offline Banker Does Not Want You To Know The Differences Between Online And Offline Banking

by David Jones Offshore Incorporation 101 There are many major differences between online banking and offline banking; if you are presently undecided between your current, limited offline bank and opening a new online LLC bank account, you should take some time to thoroughly evaluate your choices. What's so good about opening an online ... More >