3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes for Small Businesses

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Social media marketing is tricky. It can be as easy as using a Facebook business page to help sell a product or service, or be much more complicated than that with paid ads. To make social media work for your business, you’ll need to find the fine line between what works and what doesn’t. Three common mistakes small business owners make when ... More >

What Can Facebook Do for Your Small Business?

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Small business owners are more frequently embracing the benefits that social media can bring to their companies. In fact, over 50 million businesses have pages for their customers on Facebook. These business pages not only provide vital information (hours, address, links, etc.) about the business, but they also include other features (such as ... More >

4 Reasons Social Media Works for Small Businesses

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It’s a proven fact that social media helps small businesses grow and prosper. In fact, for most small businesses, social media has become an essential component of their marketing scheme. Once you’ve dialed into the benefits for your business, you can sit back and watch social media work for you. The Importance of Social Media Here are 4 ways ... More >

4 Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Having a strong marketing strategy in place is Business 101. Due to the high level of competition in your industry, getting the word out about your product to consumers is essential. This is where marketing comes in. There are numerous ways to market your business. The strategy you choose ultimately depends on your specific company. However, ... More >

The Two Phases of Boosting Customer Loyalty & Engagement

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As a business owner, when you begin to plan a marketing strategy for your small business you’ll quickly learn that reaching your potential customers or clients is the hardest part. In order to ensure you’re able to reach the individuals who are most likely to become your loyal customers, it’s important to be able to correctly identify exactly who ... More >

4 Tips on Naming a Business

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When you name your child, most people put extensive thought into the perfect name for their bundle of joy! Even though you have undoubtedly heard some strange names that left you wondering what were their parents thinking, most children’s names are well thought out. Well, the same effort that goes into naming your first born should also be put ... More >