Should Digital Marketing Be a Core Part of Your Small Business Marketing Plan?

small business digital marketing tools
Okay, so you feel like you’ve done a good job keeping up with marketing trends for your small business.

Website? Check!

Social media presence? Check!

Email newsletters? Check!

And so on…

But are you really a rockstar at digital marketing? Are you using these digital marketing tools correctly?

Below are some tips to get the most out of your digital marketing toolset.

Responsive Websites

Yes, almost every company has a website. But how many of those sites are responsive to the different types of devices that consumers are using nowadays? (Especially considering the fact that close to 60% of online search queries come from mobile devices, and that number is likely to increase.)

No one likes to pull up a website on their phone and see a bunch of tiny text that they have to zoom in to read. Make sure your sites design is responsive to different types of devices like smartphones and tablets.

[FYI, Google now considers mobile website responsiveness a ranking factor.]

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Sure, almost every company has a presence on at least one social media platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or one of the hundreds of other platforms out there..

But is it the right platform for your business?

It’s important to know your customer base so that you can anticipate which social media channels you should use. Don’t waste your already stretched time posting on sites that your customers don’t visit.

To put it frankly, nobody’s looking for a plumber on twitter…

Reviving Email Marketing

Some think email marketing is old school and has fallen by the wayside, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Consider this statistic: In 2016, email had a median ROI of 122%! That’s more than four times higher than any other marketing format.

For some small businesses, email is an effective and cheap way to communicate with your customers. Send out specials, event info, new menu item, etc. And the cost? Practically free!


So to answer the question:

Should digital marketing be a core part of your small business marketing strategy?


If it’s not, then your competition will undoubtedly more than happy to pick up the slack.

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