Don’t Waste Your Money on These 3 Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies
Anyone involved in business marketing knows that it isn’t as simple as creating an advertisement and distributing it. Marketing strategies can range from hiring a marketing firm to handle all of your marketing needs, or handling it in-house DIY-style.

Regardless of which approach your business takes, why waste money on marketing schemes that just won’t work? Below you’ll find examples of marketing schemes that can waste time and money for businesses.

1. Being Too Social

While it’s true that social media has become a business necessity, it’s important to know which platforms your customers use the most and target it. In other words, there’s no reason you should waste resources on LinkedIn or Google+ if your customers are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To discern which social media platform your customers use the most, you can either send out a simple survey or incorporate a CRM with social media integration.

2. Employing Influencer Marketing

The trend of promoting through influencers has become popular, but is it right for your business? Businesses in a smaller niche market probably won’t benefit much.

If you decide to use influencers, ensure they have enough compelling items that can be shared amongst potential customers by their influencers. It’s also important to have a relationship with the best influencers in your industry. Using a second-rate influencer will just waste your valuable time and money.

3. Video Marketing

Like other marketing schemes that can work if done correctly, video marketing can actually be a benefit to businesses. However, failing to create a high-quality video the first time can require you to spend more money to redo the video.

Additionally, before shooting a video, you should have an idea of where the video will be viewed and what kind of video your viewers will watch. Chances are a product demo is unlikely to engage your viewers. Instead, consider a sneak peek that doesn’t reveal all the features.

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