A Review of PayPal’s New Small Business App

Laptop open on table with coffee: MaxFilings Small Business News Blog

Recently the innovators at PayPal have had a new mission: to help make it easier to run a small business. One way they’re hoping to accomplish this is their new PayPal Business app. The app boasts a number of features that can help entrepreneurs keep their accounts organized through their mobile phones. PayPal’s new app has two user levels: ... More >

How Small Businesses Are Affected by Adverse Weather

Flooded office building: MaxFilings Small Business News Blog

Bad sales and negative reviews are not the only ways a business can be negatively affected by outside forces—bad weather can also be detrimental. Take the recent flooding in North Carolina and Louisiana that has left small businesses struggling to recover. Unlike other aspects of the business world, there’s little business owners can do to avoid ... More >

2017 Brings Renewed Cyber Security Concerns for Small Businesses

2017 small business security

The new year is here. Now that it’s 2017, many small businesses are rushing to meet the sales goals they set for the fourth quarter rather than looking ahead to their 2017 goals. One aspect of 2017 that many businesses are starting to focus on - if last November’s election is an indication - is cyber security. One of the biggest universal ... More >

Small Business Boom Is on the Horizon

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As technology advances, businesses are able to change the way they operate and greatly expand their reach among potential clients. This growth isn’t just for big businesses – experts suggest that small businesses could see tremendous growth in the coming years due to advances in technology. By 2026, we could see the number of small businesses ... More >

How Your Small Business Can Beat the Holiday Rush

beating the holiday business rush

If you’re in the retail industry, you’ve probably been ready for the Christmas season since Halloween. In today’s retail environment, businesses (especially small businesses) who fail to do so can be quickly left behind. It’s suggested that around 40 percent of shoppers start shopping for the holidays before they’ve even Trick-or-Treated. In ... More >

4 Networking Tips That Can Do Wonders for Your Small Business

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Networking with others in your industry can be vital to the success of not only your business, but also the customer base you attract. Moreover, you need access to contacts – whether from referrals for potential customers, like-minded professionals, or both. To keep your business contacts rolling in, check out these four networking tips: Tip ... More >